What is Arcadia Community Solar?

Discover the benefits and more of community solar with Arcadia Solar.

Last updated
June 30, 2024
Author: Matt from Currents
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What is Arcadia Community Solar?

Arcadia Solar is a program designed to make solar energy accessible to a broader audience by enabling individuals and businesses to participate in solar farms without the need to install solar panels on their property.

This initiative allows participants to subscribe to a portion of a community solar project and receive credits on their electricity bill for the energy produced by their share of the solar farm.

Arcadia simplifies the process by managing the logistics and providing an easy way for customers to support renewable energy.

This is especially beneficial in areas where installing personal solar panels is not feasible, such as in rental properties or homes with inadequate sunlight. For more information on where community solar is available, check out our section on community solar states.

Active community solar projects on Arcadia

Benefits of Participating in Arcadia Community Solar

Participating in Arcadia Community Solar offers numerous advantages for both individuals and community solar developers. Here are some key benefits:

Reduces electricity bills through solar credits
Reduces greenhouse gas emissions
Available to renters and homes without solar panel installations
Managed by Arcadia, easy to join

For more insights into the advantages and disadvantages of community solar programs, visit our article on community solar pros and cons.

Arcadia Solar provides a straightforward and impactful way for individuals and businesses to support renewable energy and enjoy the benefits of solar power without the need for personal solar installations. To explore specific programs in your area, check out our articles on maine community solar and new york community solar.

Understanding how Arcadia Community Solar operates is essential for community solar developers looking to maximize revenue for their sites.

Enrollment Process

The enrollment process for Arcadia Community Solar is designed to be straightforward and user-friendly. It involves several key steps to ensure a smooth transition for participants into the community solar program.

Follow their online process here to learn more.

Revenue Generation for Solar Site Developers

Revenue generation for solar site developers is a crucial aspect of the Arcadia Community Solar model.

Developers benefit financially in several ways:

Monthly fees from participants
Sale of energy credits to participants
Government incentives for renewable energy

Overall, Arcadia's solar community program offers homeowners the ability to purchase clean energy where they normally wouldn't be able to. And for community solar developers, they offer a streamlined platform to find and manage customers and get paid to deliver clean energy to homes and businesses across the United States.

Earn passive income selling your solar credits.

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