What Are the Tesla Powerwall 3 Specs?

Discover the Tesla Powerwall 3 specs! Learn about its battery capacity, efficiency, and performance for your home.

Last updated
June 30, 2024
Author: Matt from Currents
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Home battery systems are getting a lot of love from folks looking to cut down on their energy bills and keep the lights on during blackouts.

These nifty gadgets store extra juice from renewable sources like solar panels, so you can use it later. It’s a win-win: save money and have a backup when the grid goes down.

These systems come in all shapes and sizes, designed to fit different energy needs.

Why Tesla Powerwall 3 is a Big Deal

The Tesla Powerwall 3 is the rockstar of home battery systems. It’s packed with cutting-edge tech and top-notch specs, making it a go-to for anyone serious about energy storage.

The Powerwall 3 is a leap forward in distributed energy, giving homeowners the power to manage their energy needs better. Curious how it stacks up against older models? Check out our Tesla Powerwall 3 vs 2 comparison.

By adding a Tesla Powerwall 3 to your home setup, you’re not just saving money—you’re also doing your bit for the planet. Want to dive deeper? Head over to our Tesla Powerwall 3 page to see how it can supercharge your home energy system.

What You Need to Know About the Tesla Powerwall 3

This battery packs a punch when it comes to keeping your lights on and your gadgets running. Let's break down what makes it tick, from how much juice it can hold to how well it performs.

Battery Capacity and Output

First up, let's talk about how much energy this bad boy can store and dish out.

The Tesla Powerwall 3 is like a power bank for your house, ready to step in when your solar panels take a nap or the grid goes down.

More detailed specs on the Powerwall 3

Usable Capacity: 13.5 kWh

Continuous Power Output: 5 kW

Peak Power Output: 7 kW

With 13.5 kWh of usable capacity, this battery can handle a lot. Compared to other systems like the Enphase 5P (5kW), the Powerwall stores quite a bit of energy in its LFP cells.

Efficiency and Performance

More technical specs worth noting

Round-Trip Efficiency from Solar to Battery to Grid: 89%

Operating Temperature Range: -4°F to 122°F (-20°C to 50°C)

Warranty: 10 years

There's always energy loss when transmitting energy across DC to AC. With a 97% effiiciency from solar to girid, the Tesla Powerwall 3 is not too shabby! This high efficiency ensures you're getting the most bang for your buck and efficiently sending energy from your panels to other devices in the home, and then to the grid (it's what you'll be compensated on in the Tesla VPP). Plus, it works in a wide range of temperatures, so whether you're in the sweltering heat or freezing cold, this battery's got your back.

And hey, it comes with a 10-year warranty. That's a decade of peace of mind knowing your investment is protected. Want more details on how it performs? Dive into our Tesla Powerwall 3 deep dive.

Why It Matters

Understanding these specs helps you make a smart choice. Whether you're looking to store more energy or make sure your system runs efficiently, the Tesla Powerwall 3 is a solid pick. It's like having a reliable backup plan that keeps your home powered up, no matter what.

So, ready to supercharge your home energy system? The Tesla Powerwall 3 might just be the game-changer you're looking for.

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