Digitizing the Grid: What's Stopping the U.S.?

June 23, 2024

Smart Wires, a pioneering company based in Durham, North Carolina, is now making significant strides in the U.S. energy sector, thanks to federal support and a favorable policy environment. For over a decade, Smart Wires has successfully deployed its innovative grid-boosting technology across Australia, South America, and Europe, enhancing energy efficiency and grid stability. With the U.S. government's recent push towards clean energy and grid modernization, Smart Wires' technology is receiving well-deserved attention and funding. This move aligns with nationwide efforts to embrace renewable energy sources and reduce carbon footprints, signaling a robust commitment towards a sustainable energy future. Keywords to drive traffic include: "Smart Wires grid technology," "U.S. clean energy initiatives," "federal funding for energy," and "grid modernization in the U.S."

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